Terminal de Transporte

OBS OBS: Image or place on map might be wrong. Terminal de Transporte All major inter-city bus services arrive and depart at the large, modern Terminal de Transporte (Diagonal 23 No. 69–60; Image1 423 3600, Imageterminaldetransporte.gov.co), located 8km northwest of the centre in Ciudad Salitre. It’s divided into five colour-coded módulos (units), four for departures and one for arrivals. All arrivals roll up at módulo 5 (purple), which has a tourist information desk. For departures, módulo 1 (yellow) serves destinations south of the capital; módulo 2 (blue) serves places east and west; modulo 3 (red) serves places north of the city, and also handles international departures; módulo 4 (green) is for colectivos. A taxi to the centre costs about C$20,000. Buses from the terminal do not serve the city centre, and the nearest TransMilenio stop, ImageEl Tiempo (served by route #1 to Universidades), is ten blocks away. Services to the south, including Armenia and Cali, stop at the Terminal del Sur, west of the centre on the Autopista Sur, linked to TransMilenio stop ImagePortal del Sur, 700m to its east, by local buses; it can save time to pick up your bus here, but at peak periods buses may already be full when they arrive, which means you won't get a place. **Destinations** Armenia (4–6 hourly; 7hr); Barranquilla (15 daily; 18hr); Bucaramanga (3–4 hourly; 10hr); Cali (4–5 hourly; 10hr); Cartagena (19 daily; 22hr); Cúcuta (10–12 daily; 15hr); La Plata (for Tierradentro) (7 daily; 9hr); Lima, Peru (3 weekly; 72hr); Manizales (24 daily; 8hr); Medellín (5–6 hourly; 9–10hr); Pasto (8 daily; 22hr); Pereira (2–4 hourly; 9hr); Popayán (6 daily; 12hr); Quito, Ecuador (3 weekly; 28hr); San Agustín (7 daily; 12hr); San Gil (3–4 hourly; 7hr 30min); Santa Marta (11 daily, mostly overnight; 18hr); Tunja (3–4 hourly; 3hr).

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