Villa de Leyva and around

Tucked against the foot of spectacular mountains, 40km west of Tunja, scenic VILLA DE LEYVA, with its cobbled streets and whitewashed houses is must-see showcase of colonial architecture. It certainly looks and feels immaculately preserved, right down to hand-painted tiles prohibiting horseback riding and car traffic along the main plaza. Founded in 1572, the town is named after the then president of the audiencia (ruling council) of New Granada, Andrés Díaz Venero de Leiva, and the untroubled ambience and mild, dry climate make it a perfect place to relax. The narrow streets throng with day-trippers from Bogotá on weekends, but the rest of the time, this lovely place reverts to its former tranquil, timeless self, and as you sit in the 400-year-old plaza sipping beer or sangría, you’ll be able to appreciate why many describe it as Colombia’s prettiest town.
**No less attractive is the surrounding countryside** where, aside from the natural beauty of the location, there are ancient archeological remains, even more ancient fossils, waterfalls and a winery to seek out, be it on foot, on horseback, by bicycle, by taxi or on quad bike. On Saturday mornings, a lively market, mostly featuring fruit, veg and clothing, is held in the Plaza de Mercado. ![image](

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