Charles Bridge

Linking Prague Castle to the Old Town, Charles Bridge offers a thoroughly romantic promenade across the Vltava. The open-air gallery of Baroque statues has been inspiring poets and novelists alike since it was built in 1357. Pick up a souvenir from one of the artists stationed on the bridge’s cobblestones while listening to street musicians perform jazzy renditions of pop songs. And don’t forget to touch the base of the St. John of Nepomuk statue for good luck.
**A 14th-century stone bridge connecting Prague’s Old Town to the Malá Strana neighborhood, flanked by Gothic Tower gateways on either side.** The bridge is lined with thirty statues of saints, including the martyred St John of Nepomuk. Based on various legends promising good luck, visitors have rubbed the plaques at the base of his star-crowned likeness until the engraved woman and dog gleam gold. This path along the former royal route used to carry kings along their coronation procession from Old Town to the Prague Castle. Today’s crowds crossing the Vltava River make up for a lack of prestige with population. Caricature artists, photographers, and jewelry stalls line the walls to hock their wares to the tourists streaming past. Be ready to dodge selfie-takers who pause without warning, or you can climb the bridge towers to get a less stressful view for a modest fee.

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