Whitewashed facades, churches with bluish domes, troglodyte houses, ancient oil mills: this is the iconic image of the whole of Greece. Overlooking a cliff, Oia reflects all the island's picturesqueness, and you'll never tire of its magnificent panoramic views over the entire caldera. Its romantic sunsets are a real magnet for lovers! Oia's main attraction is its breathtaking panorama of the volcanic caldera. The terraces offer breathtaking views of the sheer cliffs plunging into the azure sea. It's the ideal place to capture spectacular photos and enjoy a romantic ambience. In the meantime, stroll through the narrow streets, visit the art galleries, discover the many museums and the ruins of the ancient Venetian fortress. Oia's charm also lies in its traditional Cycladic architecture, with its whitewashed houses, characteristic blue domes and narrow streets. Take a stroll through the village, admire the magnificent troglodyte houses and lose yourself in the maze of cobbled streets. Oia is also one of our top 5 must-visit towns on your vacation in Greece!