Praha: Sights

Praha Tsjekkia
Charles Bridge Charles Bridge

Linking Prague Castle to the Old Town, Charles Bridge offers a thoroughly romantic promenade across the Vltava. The open-air gallery of Baroque statues has been inspiring poets and novelists alike since it was built in 1357. Pick up a souvenir from one of the artists stationed on the bridge’s cobblestones while listening to street musicians perform jazzy renditions of pop songs. And don’t forget to touch the base of the St. John of Nepomuk statue for good luck.

Prague Castle Prague Castle

The world-record-holding largest castle complex in the world and seat of the Czech president The Prague Castle silhouette is dominated by the Gothic St Vitus Cathedral, whose stained glass windows (including one by Alphons Mucha) are worth stepping inside to admire. Guided tours are available to walk guests through individual rooms, but a free solo stroll throughout the grounds is often just as satisfying. The tiny houses of Golden Lane, Romanesque façade of St. George’s Basilica, and the manicured landscapes of the South Gardens are a few favorite stops along the way. A changing of the castle guards at the gates takes place daily at noon. Exploring every corner of these massive fortified grounds would take an entire trip, so read up in advance to choose your interests. Time Out tip: Security at the gates is tight and the lines get longer as the day drags on. Leave any large bags behind and arrive early for a less stressful experience.

St. Vitus Cathedral St. Vitus Cathedral

Situated at the Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral is the most important and largest church in Prague. The cathedral is the burial place of the former Czech kings and a home of the Czech Crown Jewels.