Get Lost in the Old Town

One of the best things to do in Chania is wander through the maze of narrow, pedestrian-only streets in the historic old town. An architectural style jumps out at you around every corner. Shops lining the streets and stairways sell souvenirs, and cute restaurants and cafés are tucked into shady patios.
As you walk around, you'll come across four distinct areas, each with its own look and feel: *Kastelli* is hilly and quite old with very narrow, twisty walkways. If you come across a group of tourists, it's often too tight to pass. *Topanas* is just back from the old port and has narrow roadways. The *Jewish District* is easily identified by its wider streets. The **Splantzia District** has the greatest number of outdoor cafés and restaurants, mostly located around a huge plane tree in front of the Church of St. Nicolas.

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